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Real examples of standard common technologies compatible with Virtualette V1


Virtualette V1's small size enables complete immersion in a coolant mineral oil housed inside a standard SCH40 PVC pipe, allowing management of extreme temperature and pressure. The pipe itself can then also be immersed in salt, chlorinated or fresh water.

Benefits include no thermal issues or dust, resilience to vibration and a corrosion-free environment. Ideal for pool computing.

Using a Power Switch hub (model MID8P1U), it is possible to power a network of eight or more Virtualettes easily and quickly.
Using the BOINC application you can combine their processing power as a single processing entity.

Virtualette V1's onboard battery charger and power management system can interface to common 3.7V lithium ion batteries such as the Panasonic CGR18650 to enable power back up in the field, or for use as a mobile device.

Coupling Virtualette V1's CPU/GPU to this common laptop style heatsink and fan can enable heavy or over-clocked performance through thermal regulation.

The V1 has been tested with up to various speeds above 1Ghz with lima-memtester and cpu-burnA7.

Using either a standard 5V microUSB power source such as a Samsung 5V/1A or a Plugz 30A lithium ion battery pack, Virtualette V1 can be powered via its USB On The Go port, as well as the ability to charge a battery pack.

Allows large storage devices to interface to Virtualette V1 via its onboard SATA connector.

Virtualette V1 supports both wired ethernet (100Mb) or wireless ethernet via a standard plug-in USB2 wireless ethernet adaptor.
Virtualette V1

compact, powerful, low energy
Virtualette V1

compact, powerful, low energy
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Virtualette inside 40mm PVC pipe
Virtualette operating set up inside pipe
Moment of immersion
Virtualette inside SCH40 PVC pipe with VHDMI and VVGA1 peripheral boards
Front view of VHDMI and VVGA1
Swimming pool cooling method
Deeper cooling at 10cm below
Deeper cooling at 50cm below
Multiple Virtualette's powered from hub
Rechargable Li Ion battery
Samsung powerpack
Plugz lithium ion battery pack
PoE-injected wired ethernet
Optional wireless ethernet via USB adaptor