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Virtualette V1

compact, powerful, low energy
Virtualette V1

compact, powerful, low energy
CBII - Carte Blanche II with V1 installed
Origins: early 3D images of Carte Blanche II with Virtualette
Virtualette - early working prototype
One of the projects that led up to V1 was the Apple II peripheral card Carte Blanche II (CBII) using a Xilinx 400AN FPGA.

This production run was manufactured successfully in 2015, thanks to the fantastic support and collaboration by a group of Apple II enthusiasts (comp.sys.apple2) who helped to privately crowdfund the project.

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Production candidate - panel manufacture
About SRKH Designs
Several years back we developed an IoT power conversion/storage management product using the Allwinner A13 ARM chip. Around the same time we were developing a Xilinx FPGA board and associated software projects for Apple II enthusiasts, called Carte Blanche II. Enjoying working with Allwinner's products and looking for ways to miniaturize our designs, we saw a way to combine all the technologies we were working with into a brand new design using the more powerful A20 chip.

So we prototyped a compact double stack footprint and Virtualette V1 was created.

Virtualette V1 can provide services in areas that previously posed difficulty. As our ideas started to evolve we saw that to prove the concept we would require examples of how this tiny fully-equipped, standalone PoE board could be used. We prototyped V1 coupled to our FPGA board CBII - Carte Blanche II, and V1's own desktop development board VDT - Virtualette DeskTop. We then immersed V1 into a mineral oil-filled transparent PVC tube, enabling Liquid Cooled Computing (LCC).

The technology developed to create V1 today has enabled us to develop a fast and agile roadmap of future derivative devices. These include quad-core and octo-core devices in the same miniature footprint and design, and a suite of peripheral boards to deploy with V1 into various environments.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us for further information.

About Virtualette V1: a compact, dual board microcomputer that can be 'virtually' anything the software directs.