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V1 with CBII FPGA board
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Virtualette V1

compact, powerful, low energy
Virtualette V1 - a tiny, double stack IoT microcomputer
Virtualette V1 by SRKH Designs is a high density microcomputer supporting Linux/Android operating systems - an ideal hardware platform for network-wide IoT and mobile edge computing solutions and electronics DIY projects.

More than a Single Board Computer, the new product is an impressive fully-equipped microcomputer suitable for use as a deployable device. With an ultra-compact double stack design, examples of V1's potential capabilities are as an individual controller for a drone or robot; as M2M nodes in a distributed intelligent security system; or deployed as a peer-to-peer machine-to-machine network in applications such as display information systems in airports or train stations.
Virtualette V1

compact, powerful, low energy
TECHNICAL Virtualette V1's technical detail
PERIPHERALS Add on boards designed for Virtualette V1
EXAMPLES Real examples of standard common technologies compatible with Virtualette V1
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7.6cm x 3.7cm x 1.8cm (3" x 1.4" x 0.7") including mounting feet
Virtualette V1 is a tiny microcomputer running an Allwinner A20 multi-core processor with 1GB DDR3L base memory, 8GB onboard NAND flash and a 32GB microSD card. Constructed with a high density double deck of CPU and PSU, Virtualette V1 combines elegant, micro-sized design with powerful functionality and minimal power usage. V1 is a low energy device with a typical 2.4w of energy draw.

This device is capable of big data processing and storage through the Serial ATA port and can operate either individually as a single device, or connect as a clustered group to members of a larger collective.

Virtualette V1 is a 'virtually anything' microcomputer - just requiring your preferred Linux/Android software app to drive it. V1 will be shipped with its own optimized Linux-based OS, which can be easily tuned to suit the distro of your choice.

Parts required for typical basic set ups:

V1 device, LCD display, keyboard + mouse + adaptors, PoE injector, RJ45 ethernet cable + HDMI cable =  IoT computing device
Virtualette V1 - basic set up images
V1 size comparison